Sunday, December 10th, 2017

Rounds: Evening Gown; Indian Ethnic Dress, Talent, Q&A

Miss India (18 to 27yrs); Miss Teen (13 to 17yrs); Mrs India.
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Get ready for another wonderful year of 'Miss India New England' pageant. Preparations have started and a talent hunt has begun in three states. Contestants are guided for personality enhancement skills and they compete with other girls of Indian heritage living in/or belonging to  New England area in in Evening Gown, Indian Ethnic Dress and Talent round. Winner will be decided after Question-Answer segment among selected five finalists based on their scores from first two rounds. 

2017 pageant will be held on Sunday December 10th 2017 at Crown Plaza in Boston Woburn MA at 6pm.

Winners from our pageant have been able to glorify community with their talent beyond boundaries of culture, language, religion and spread message of peace and love around. Some of them have significantly benefitted community causes and fundraisers, professional concerts, fashion events. 

'Miss India', 'Mrs India' and 'Miss Teen' for contestants can be a possible moment of Titles, Tiaras, Sash, Prizes, lots of pride as an Indian-American and an opportunity to be seen as a role model by others in coming years. The winners and title holders get a sense of accomplishment and that stays in their profile/resume for life. 

Deadline to participate in the pageant is approaching and all registrations will close on November 25th 2017. Please visit or call 978.866.8777


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